Africloud Bank

We provide easy access to financing through quick and reliable loans.

Africloud Bank provides a platform that offers users easy and convenient loans, at competitive interest rates. The platform eliminates the inconveniences and complexities that come with getting loans from commercial banks, making debt management simpler and transparent. The platform provides short to medium term loans with minimum processing times.

The platform is also equipped with a loan calculator, eliminating the need for guessing or otherwise industry specific calculations. This allows our users to make calculations and get clear results in the interest rates available to them, based on their choice of loan. The calculator provides accurate interest rates and a comprehensive breakdown of the financial structure of the loan i.e. the amount to be received, interest involved and the total amount to be paid back.

The platform provides users with the necessary information about all the requirements for their loan of choice. This could involve the necessary documentation and typical payback timeline.  The platform allows easy repayment of loans as well as providing users with detailed and achievable repayment plans and structures, that are appropriate to the loans and interest incurred.

The platform’s customer care takes care of any enquiries and complaints from users. This feedback is utilised to optimise the user experience of the platform and ensure continued superb service to the users of the platform.

Banking made easy
Spend, save and manage your money, all in one place. Open a full bank account from your phone, for free.
Put money in your hands
Full financial visibility, with your other bank accounts and credit cards all in one place. Get interest on your money, personalized budgeting and much more.
Manage with Africloud
Pay Direct Debits through Monzo and we’ll tell you if they’re higher for the upcoming month. So no nasty surprises.
Spend with Africloud
Get instant notifications the second you pay. Set budgets for things like groceries and going out, and get warnings if you’re spending too fast (if you want them).

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