Africloud Cryptocurrency

Africloud presents a new Cryptocurrency and a platform that facilitates your Blockchain transactions.

Africloud Cryptocurrency represents a hub for cryptocurrency transactions, anchored by the introduction and implementation of a new cryptocurrency, developed by Africloud Technologies.

Utilising the blockchain system, users are able to buy and sell our cryptocurrency, using a currency of their choice or utilising the existing Naira token (NGNT). The platform connects the user to a global blockchain, with other users ready to make offers to buy or sell our cryptocurrency.

The platform also allows users to see the amount of cryptocurrency available to them for transactions, as well as present up-to-date representations of value of our cryptocurrency. To facilitate easy, secure and fast transactions, the platform allows payments and receipts through various payment methods, such as Bank transfer payments to other online platforms.

The platform also provides updated reports and representations of the demand and supply of our cryptocurrency, as well as the current financial value of cryptocurrency, in comparison to regular currencies. These reports are primarily facilitated from accurate analysis of the global cryptocurrency markets and the trends from the transaction made on our cryptocurrency.

The platform is equipped with round the clock customer care, ready to answer any enquiries and handle any issues with users of the platform. The customer care is also ready to take any feedback.

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