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Invest and Save with us here at Africloud Invest.

Africloud Invest presents a platform that allows users to make safe investments through see co-investments on opportunities vetted by Africloud or enjoy earnings from interests on their savings. The platform aims to help with personal finance management and provide investment opportunities that allow lower risk, while still providing returns.

Users can use the platform to deposit funds that will be kept and secured, with interest generated on their savings per annum. The advantage of saving on Africloud, in comparison to commercial banks, is the absence of fees on saved funds. Africloud provides clarity and certainty on funds set aside by users as savings.

The platform in addition to savings, allows users to co-invest in opportunities that are vetted and presented by Africloud. These opportunities will be transparent in the risk and returns involved with the investment opportunity. The investment opportunities are open to all registered users of the platform, allowing users to co-invest with newly deposited funds or funds already in their savings on the platform.

The platform provides details reports on the transactions relating to the users’ funds on the platform. Transactions such as deposits, withdrawals, interests and other earnings on investments.

The platform also provides comprehensive customer care to answer any enquiries from the users of the platform, as well as receiving feedback.

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